About [In]Corporeal Architecture

Welcome to the [In]Corporeal Architecture.

[In]Corporeal Architecture is a project that allows you to visit other people’s homes without leaving your home. It is a collection of guided walks through houses and apartments in different cities around the world. People who live on different continents, in different countries and different cities, donated stories about their homes and themselves. You are invited to visit as many spaces as you wish. People whose homes you are visiting will take you on a tour, and ask you to walk through their spaces and look through their windows and balconies. The project is a continuation of the art-experiment that was conducted for my PhD research. In the art-experiment, I have shared my childhood home with other people.*

* You can find the edited text of the guided tour for the PhD art-experiment here.

Please take some time to read ‘instructions’ on how to engage with a content presented on this website.

Walking (following guided walk instructions) is a crucial aspect of this experience. To make the walk more comfortable, please access the website on your smartphone. I want to ask you to start each walk at the entrance door of your own home. Try to follow how your host guides you. For instance, if the host asks you to take six steps forward, but, in your home, there is an obstacle on the fourth step, just adjust your movement (walk around a piece of furniture or a wall that is in your way) and keep on walking.

Apart from stories, hosts will donate photographs of the views from their windows and/or balconies. These will be noted in the text, and you will have the option to see these views. At these moments in your walk, you will be asked to take a photo of what you see in your space and upload it to the website. For example, you are walking through someone’s home and they take you to the window to share the view with you. Because you are really walking through your home, and probably adjusting your path, you might find yourself in your kitchen or your bedroom (that is ok). Please take a photo of what you see in front of you and upload it to the website. Your photographs will become part of the archive of alternative views of the house you visited and will be added below the text.

Instructions for image upload:

In the first field, Add view no, write the number of view from the story. For example, view no 3.
For the album, choose the one that is the same as the title of the story you are reading.

And finally, in the section Add your location, put the name of your city and country. For example, Rome, Italy.
Select file will give you the option to use your smartphone camera to take the photo and upload it without leaving the webpage.

Some stories have more than one image upload form. After using the first form, please make sure to refill the second (third) form.

Find the list of all stories here!

Enjoy your visits!